The Dark Circle Box

I invoke thee..... Imagine a box with something for you a conjurer, a summoner, a solitary witch, a natural witch, or a part of a coven. This is that very box. In every box is bath ritual products, self care products, altar items, and magick tools for most rituals. This is a limited edition box, so only 20 will be made for each season. Each box has a theme and instructions............Happy Manifesting!

The Dark Circle is a collaboration between Sudsy Sirens, Rebel Potions and Mountain Raven.


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*Disclaimer: Once a box has left our shop for delivery to you the customer we(Sudsy Sirens, Rebel Potions & Mountain Raven) are not responsible for lost/stolen items.  We will not replace your package for free. However, all packages are insured and can have a claim made with the post office if box is lost/stolen. Thank you for understanding